Sacred Art as Tattoo

What is Sacred Art you ask? Sacred Art is anything that holds deep spiritual meaning for a person. For example, Sacred Art could be a symbol, such as an Ankh. It could be a picture of Saint Michael, or Ganesha. A tattoo of something you hold Sacred is a powerful way to set an intention of positive transformation for yourself, or for what you wish to create in your life. Do you live to spend time in the forest? A tattoo of a tree could be considered Sacred Art as well.

Delve into your heart. Look for the things of a spiritual nature that anchor you, that ground you. Don't worry about whose tradition they come from so much, focus on how you feel when you see them. There are no rules. Learn to pay attention to what speaks to you spiritually in images and symbols. It can be a Tibetan Buddhist offering bowl, or the Hindu Goddess Laxmi. It can be a Cross, or a Star of David.

What do you hold Sacred?

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